Month: May 2017

New Diesel Emissions Lawsuits: What’s Happening?

This week, both Fiat Chrysler and GM face lawsuits over diesel emissions standards. For Fiat Chrysler, theirs comes from the EPA, and alleges that they used defeat devices (just like VW) to trick emissions software during testing on their diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 vehicles. GM faces a private class action suit that ...

Mercedes E-Class W211 Broken Springs

Around 150,000 -200,000 miles, W211 chassis Mercedes E-Class models are known for breaking front springs.  Due to wear or corrosion, the bottom coils of the spring break off.  The bottom coil holds the spring in place, so, when the bottom coils break the spring will fall off the strut assembly and the front of the ...

MkIV Jetta Headlight Replacement

In this video Corey will show you the steps to replacing your old foggy headlights out with sparkling new ones on a 2003 VW MkIV Jetta.