Month: July 2017


ALH Alternator Replacement How-To Video

In this video Corey from replaces the alternator on a Mk4 Jetta TDI with the ALH engine.  This will be the same procedure on a Mk4 Golf TDI and New Beetle TDI with ALH engines, though the New Beetle will have less room and may require more disassembly.

Cruze Diesel DEF Reservoir Heater Failures

One of the common failure items on a Gen1 Chevy Cruze diesel is the DEF tank reservoir heater.

The Gen 1 Clean Diesel TDI Fix Explained

VW has finally settled on a fix for the Gen. 1 TDI clean diesel engines. If you were one of the 270,000 affected TDI owners who kept their vehicles, read below for details.

Diesel and the Leaping Cat: Our Impressions

Jaguar isn’t known for its diesel vehicles on this side of the Atlantic, even though they’ve offered them for years in Europe. But that’s changing: Jaguar has a diesel in three of the five models it offers in North America for 2017, more than any other automaker. The 2-liter (20d) Diesel is part of Jaguar’s ...

Daimler’s Diesel Issues

Updated July 19th with new Daimler Announcement 2017 was supposed to see a new surge of Mercedes diesel models. As the 2017 model-year ends, Mercedes still has no diesel-powered models available to purchase. What happened?

Is the Ecodiesel Done? Maybe not…

No model-year 2017 Ram 1500 or Grand Cherokee EcoDiesels have been available at dealerships. After much speculation that Fiat Chrysler USA (FCA) ran into trouble with the EPA, the EPA announced a Notice of Violation in January of 2017 & formally filed charges against FCA in March. Is this the end of the EcoDiesel?

Check ALH Injection Pump Timing

On the ALH engine the injection pump timing is measured using a scan-tool, like a VCDS tool. Procedure Turn on the vehicle and open VCDS Click on 01-Engine Click on 04-Basic Settings In the group field, enter “00” and “GO” button A new window with a graph will appear Select the Mk4 ALH Engine in ...

Sprinter “Limp Home Mode”: Common Causes

“Limp Mode” or “Limp Home Mode” is a condition that can affect turbocharged diesel vehicles. Your Sprinter’s ECU senses something malfunctioning in the turbocharger system–either reading too much boost, too little boost, etc.–and decides puts the van into low power or “limp home mode”. Limp home mode has little to no turbocharger pressure and vastly ...

BMW Extending Warranty on 335d NOX Sensors

BMW has extended its warranty to 10 years/120,000 miles for all the NOX sensors on its 335d. These sensors commonly fail and can be an expensive replacement (as our coworker learned). You can request reimbursement from BMW if you’ve already done the repair and your vehicle is eligible.