Month: March 2018

VW Full Size Atlas Tanoak Truck shows that someone at VW knows what the hell they’re doing…

VW’s surprise announcement of a full size truck concept has taken the internet by storm and shows that someone in VW is paying attention to what buyers want. However, we’ve seen this movie before – big announcements that lead to nothing – so we’re cautious about getting our hopes up, especially without a diesel.

Adjusting Displayed Fuel Economy on Mk7 TDI

If your in-cluster display (aka MFD) is displaying MPG numbers that are not accurate you can correct this and bring the MPG numbers closer to reality by adjusting the calibration number using VCDS.

All New Sprinter Vans Announced!

The current generation Sprinter, the NCV3, was introduced to the USA in 2006.  12 years later, that van is STILL a segment leader in comfort and capacity. In fact, Mercedes set a sales record for Sprinter vans just last year, selling over 200,000 vans.  This is a true testament to how superior the van was ...

Mercedes Announces Diesel Plug-In Hybrids – The New Frontier?

After teasing us with a E400 BlueTEC hybrid years ago at NAIAS, Mercedes once again introduced new plug-in DIESEL hybrids at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this month.  Will this be the next frontier of powertrain design?

New Project Vehicle – 2017 GMC Canyon

After the Ford Ranger was discontinued in 2011, the only option for a midsize pickup truck was the Toyota Tacoma.  Thankfully, GM re-entered the market in 2015 with the new Colorado (and Canyon twin). Our crew here at IDParts was obviously thrilled when GM decided to put a torque-y 4-cylinder diesel engine in the truck. ...