Month: April 2018


Audi Q5 TDI Review: Why would you drive anything else?

Our impression of the Audi Q5 was always that of the red-headed stepchild – the platform was old, and the rear tail light situation was odd.  When Audi put the 3.0L TDI in it we largely wondered why anyone would choose the Q5 over a Touareg or a Q7.  We finally got a chance to ...

Fenced In: TDIs Stored Across the US

VW currently has 37 secure storage facilities across the US that are home to close to 300,000 cars, according to the administrator hired by VW to handle the emissions scandal. Factories, closed military bases, stadiums, and airports are just a few of the storage locations. The total numbers of bought back cars is impressive: 335,000 ...