Month: July 2018

Diesel Engine Oil Leaks – Places to Check

Part of owning a high mileage or older diesel is dealing with oil leaks.  It is said that you can tell that a diesel is running because it is leaking oil.  If you are chasing down oil leaks, here are some common sources to check.

How do Clutched Alternator Pulleys Work

Most modern vehicles have clutched or so called one-way or decoupler pulleys.  Proper operation of these pulleys is vital to alternator health and the health of other components, especially the serpentine belt tensioner.


Replacing Alternator Pulley In-Car – List of VW Models & Difficulty

Replacing an alternator pulley without removing the alternator requires skill, the right tools and a cooperative engine bay design.  We’ve compiled a list of VW diesels that we work on and listed how difficult it is to replace the pulley with the alternator still installed in the vehicle.