Month: December 2018

Jetta TDI AdBlue Range Warning

Refill AdBlue on 2015 Jetta TDI

Does your 2015 Jetta TDI show “AdBlue Range 1500 Miles” on the instrument cluster?  If so, it is time to refill the AdBlue/DEF tank!  Refilling your Jetta with AdBlue is easy and inexpensive. What is AdBlue?  Read more in our AdBlue/DEF 101 Article. Want to check your AdBlue Level? Read our Guide to Checking AdBlue/DEF ...

AdBlue/DEF 101 – FAQ & What You Need To KnoW

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is commonly referred to as “DEF” for short or by its trade name, AdBlue.  In this article we’ll review what DEF is and what you need to know about it.