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TDI Turbos Demystified

It can start with a screeching sound on acceleration, a “pop” and a cloud of white smoke, or, at its worst, your car accelerating uncontrollably—a runaway. Or your TDI just stops making power. No matter how it happens, your turbo has failed. And the next question is usually, “Should I upgrade?”   Choosing between a ...

The Best Diesel Fuel Additives

There are many, many different fuel additives available for diesels. A quick google search or a stroll down the aisle at your local parts store will give you plenty of options from which to choose.  Are they necessary and which one is the best?

TDI Service Schedules

Full list of VW TDI service schedules broken down by platform.

How to Bleed & Flush Your Brake Fluid

In this video, we’ll show you how to flush the brake fluid on a MkIV Jetta by using a Motive Power Bleeder.

VNT-15/17 Actuator Calibration

In this video we’ll replace the actuator on a VNT-15.  While installing the new actuator, we will use a MityVac to calibrate.

Replacing Shift Lever & Carrier on B4/A4/Early A4

In this video Mike from will replace the shift carrier and shift lever on a 1999 Golf TDI.  This process applies to any early MkIV models as well as all MkIII Jetta and B4 Passat TDIs.

TDI Mileage over the Years

TDI mileage has been all over the map in recent years. We pulled together data from all over the diesel world to find out why.

How To Replace the Heater Control Bulb

The heater control bulb lights up the heating controls on the Mk4 Jetta, Golf and New Beetle.  It is an easy, 5 minute fix, just follow the instructions in the video below.