IDParts Upgraded Intercooler Pipes Instructions

The Upgraded Upper Intercooler Pipe set from IDParts can be confusing to put together. It will “fit” a few different ways, but the correct assembly will ensure proper fit without interference and minimize the chances that your upgraded TDI will suffer boost leaks. In this article we’ll show you how to put it together the ...

Diesel Purge How-To

Diesel Purge is a highly efficient fuel injection cleaner for diesel engines. This article is a step-by-step how to on cleaning your injectors with Diesel Purge.

Brake Bleeding with Extoil Brake Bleeder Kit

Bleeding your brake fluid is a regularly scheduled maintenance item to remove debris and air that builds up inside the caliper.  Regularly bleeding your brakes can improve braking performance and pedal feel.  This kit from EXtoil makes DIY brake bleeding really easy.

How To Replace Fuel Filter (BRM/CBEA/CJAA)

In this how-to we’ll help you identify what fuel filter your A5 uses, and guide you through the filter change.


Cabin Filter Replacement – Jetta & Golf

All the air that comes into your TDI (when the windows are up) comes through the cabin filter. Lots of air goes through the filter each day for months or years at a time. Although it does its best to filter out pollen, dirt, debris, bits of trees, and rodents, it gets tired. Although the ...

Replacing the Air Filter in A4 Jetta/Golf TDI

Replacing the Air Filter is part of VW TDI 20K maintenance. It needs to be replaced for one simple reason – your TDI needs clean air. And on turbocharged engines, air filtration is particularly important as debris can damage or destroy your turbo. The air filters on VW TDIs are scheduled for replacement every 20,000 ...

Replacing the Fuel Filter on an A4 Jetta/Golf TDI

Replacing the Fuel Filter is part of Part of VW TDI 20K maintenance. Part of what makes TDIs so efficient is its high pressure injection system. But this system requires excellent quality fuel for both economy and longevity. The fuel filter is the critical element in protecting your fuel system and getting the economy you ...


Adjusting ALH Injection Pump Timing

In this video we will watch Corey from as he adjusts the injection pump timing on a 2003 Jetta TDI with engine code ALH.  He will overview both the mechanical adjustment and show the TDI Timing Graph feature of VCDS.

MkV Jetta TDI Clutch Change Tip

The 2005-2006 A5 or MkV Jetta TDI is reaching the age where many cars need new clutches. Since the 5 speed transmission in the A5 Jetta TDI is very similar to that in the previous generation there are a wide variety of clutch options. However, a new twist appeared in the MkV Jettas. The MkV ...

Determining Head Gasket Hole Size

The only way to find out which head gasket your car needs is to look at the one on your car.  Finding out which one you need is really fast and easy if you know what to look for.

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