Gates vs Contitech vs Dayco – Which Timing Belt Is Best?

When shopping for a replacement timing belt you might need to choose between these three main brands – Gates, Contitech (also referred to as Continental) and Dayco. How do you choose?


CCV Filter/Catch Can/Crank Case Valve Filter Guide – 101 Info!

If you’ve been learning all you can about your diesel engine you may have run across other owners installing crank case vent filters, also referred to as “Catch Cans” or “CCV” filters. You may have also read about problems with intake manifold sludge & clogging. These are connected – a CCV fitler may be able ...

Suspension Updates and Upgrades: Don’t Overlook These Parts

You’ve bought new shock absorbers (or struts and shocks for most cars) for your diesel, anticipating ride and handling that will be like new, or, with upgraded shocks, better than new. But like most diesel owners, you’ve got a lot of miles on your ride and are concerned that some of what you hear, and ...

Shock Absorbers 101 – How They Manage Ride & Handling

Cars and trucks have had shock absorbers for over 100 years. However, there are many types, and how they perform varies. In this article we’ll provide a little history, some info on shock absorber design, and provide some thoughts on what to choose for your car or truck. Let’s get started. History Before internal combustion ...


Best 2015+ Colorado/Canyon Leveling Kit

From the factory, the 4WD Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon had a pretty noticable front-rear rake, which can make the truck look like it is nosediving. Luckily this is easy to fix.

Best Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Options

Fixing the severe front-to-rear rake is the easiest way to improve the look of your Ram 1500. Luckily, there are many leveling options available and they are easy to install.

Why Do Brakes Pulse?

We all know the feeling: You’re exiting a freeway or braking a little harder than usual and you feel the telltale pulsation in your right foot. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that those rotors you bought have already failed. But maybe not. A pulsation in the brake pedal can have many causes, and ...


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A/C Repair: The Big Picture

We all know when our A/C stops working: no cold air. Pretty simple. And usually it’s easy to identify the one item in the system that’s causing a problem, like the compressor, a leak in a line, a failed belt, or a leaking condenser. However, there may be other items that cause your A/C to ...

Sprinter OM651 Coolant Contamination

Sprinter 4-Cylinder OM651 Losing Coolant, Limp Home Mode – READ THIS!

We have seen an increasing number of 4-cylinder powered Sprinters (OM651 engine) experiencing coolant loss, “limp-home mode”, and eventual widespread engine issues ranging from temperature control problems to power loss. We’ll go over what is happening, causes and repair procedures in this article.

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