How To Change VW Wiper Blades

We give you a helpful tip for changing wiper blades.

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Today we’re going to swap wipers on a 2010 Sportwagen. This procedure will apply to Sportwagens and Mk. 5 Jetta TDIs. If you’ve ever tried to do your wipers before, you know there’s a problem: you can lift up the wiper enough to take the blade out. There’s a secret to this, it’s called Service Mode.

To get the car in Service Mode, you have to turn the car on, turn it off, then hit the wiper stock once. When you turn the car off don’t take the key out or turn it off all the way—just far enough so the engine turn s off. When you push the wiper stock down the wipers will stay up.

Now they can be easily bent forward. The driver’s side is the longer wiper, about 24 inches. The passenger’s side one is 19 inches. To get the wiper off press this square button. Push the wiper up and put aside. We’re using Valeo wipers, which are the OEM supplier to VW, so they should last just as long as your originals.

OK, we’re going to find where the button is and slight it in just the way it came out. The procedure is the same for the passenger’s side.

Now go back in the car and turn the key once and hit the wiper stock.

That was pretty easy and fast. If you have any questions send us an email at and check out the idparts post at—we’ve got how tos and blog articles there. Thanks for watching.

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