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Using Scangauge on a Passat TDI

If you own a Scangauge II (SGII for short) and a new 2012+ Passat TDI, this guide will show you how to program your gauge to enable display boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature and CAT temperature. First you need to learn how to program XGAUGE monitors on your Scangauge. EGT1 will show the exhaust gas ...

How To Remove DSG Transmission VW – Tips & Tricks

In this short ad-hoc video, Corey from IDParts shares a few tips and tricks to getting the DSG transmission out.

TDI Fuel Injection Systems: Rotary, PD, and Common-Rail

This article explains the differences between the three different fuel injection systems in TDIs available in North America and how they function.

What TDI Do I Have – Passat

There are three generations of VW Passat TDI in the United States…

DIESELGATE Series – DPF Technical Description

How the exhaust systems on 2.0L TDI “Clean Diesels” work, and why they matter if you want to understand “Dieselgate” and how VW cheated emissions testing.

Lowering Your Volkswagen

Quick Do’s and Don’ts for lowering your VW…

NMS Passat TDI Oil Change How-To Video

NMS Passat TDI 2012-2014 “top side” oil change using an oil extractor.