Refill AdBlue on 2015 Jetta TDI

Does your 2015 Jetta TDI show “AdBlue Range 1500 Miles” on the instrument cluster?  If so, it is time to refill the AdBlue/DEF tank!  Refilling your Jetta with AdBlue is easy and inexpensive.

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Parts You’ll Need

To refill your AdBlue tank you will of course need to purchase AdBlue – we recommend purchasing 2.5 gallon jugs.

The tank filler is in the trunk and is quite narrow.  You don’t want to spill this stuff all over your trunk, it is a pain to clean up, so you’ll need a tool to make filling the AdBlue tank easier.  This can be a simple long-reach funnel, a funnel with a tube, or, there are specific AdBlue/DEF Filling Hoses available too.  The benefit of the special hose is that it has a built-in vent, that allows air in the tank to escape – rather than “burping” back up through the funnel!

What To Do

First, open your Jetta’s trunk.  The AdBlue filler is located on the left hand side and it is protected by a black plastic cover. 

Remove the cover to find the filling port cap.

Remove the cap and attach the AdBlue Filler Hose or whatever tool you intend to use and proceed filling the tank. 

Be aware that there is no automatic stop or gauge on the tank, so it is possible to over-fill the tank and make a mess.  Using the special DEF fill hose as pictured limits spills as it has a valve at the end that closes when the hose is removed.

AdBlue Fill Hose
AdBlue Fill Hose

The tank is about 3.8 gallons and the mileage warning occurs with about a half-gallon remaining in the tank.  Therefore, we recommend filling with 2.5 gallons and stopping there to prevent over fill and spillage.

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