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Mercedes Announces Diesel Plug-In Hybrids – The New Frontier?

After teasing us with a E400 BlueTEC hybrid years ago at NAIAS, Mercedes once again introduced new plug-in DIESEL hybrids at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this month.  Will this be the next frontier of powertrain design?

E320 CDI Chip Tuning Options

The inline 6-cylinder engine in the E320 CDI is no slouch, but, the common-rail motor can do much more.  

Mercedes E-Class W211 Broken Springs

Around 150,000 -200,000 miles, W211 chassis Mercedes E-Class models are known for breaking front springs.  Due to wear or corrosion, the bottom coils of the spring break off.  The bottom coil holds the spring in place, so, when the bottom coils break the spring will fall off the strut assembly and the front of the ...

W211 Fixing Grinding Sunroof

Corey from IDParts fixes a grinding Mercedes E320 sunroof motor

All OM642 Service Manuals

Since 2007, the OM642 motor has been Mercedes’s standby diesel engine. Here is a list of basic service intervals for this engine across models and a good guideline for service.

229.51 Approved Oils

Full list of Mercedes Benz 229.51 Approved Oils

Mercedes ATF Fluid Chart

Finding the right ATF for your Mercedes Transmission can be difficult, and customers often have questions. We’ve created an easy-to-read table to make finding the correct ATF for your Mercedes easy.

Biodiesel: A Guide

Biodiesel is an exciting alternative fuel that can be used as a supplement to traditional diesel fuel that offers dramatically lower emissions and is renewable.  But, running it isn’t always simple.  This guide overviews some biodiesel basics and which cars should or should not use biodiesel.

Mercedes Owners Groups

Mercedes owners love their cars, and many are technically and mechanically skilled and enjoy maintaining their vehicles themselves.  Here are some excellent websites for Mercedes owners looking to learn more.