Mercedes Owners Groups

Mercedes owners love their cars, and many are technically and mechanically skilled and enjoy maintaining their vehicles themselves.  Here are some excellent websites for Mercedes owners looking to learn more.

1) Mercedes Source

Mercedes Source is a veritable goldmine for technical info on pre-1993 diesel Mercedes. Kent Bergsma, the owner and operator really knows his diesels. There are easily over a hundred videos here on various problems unique to these cars, and they’re displayed in an easily navigable format. Very valuable resource.

2) The Peach Parts Shop Forum

The peach parts diesel forum is an extremely active discussion board for Mercedes Diesels. Boards include Tech Help, Diesel Discussion, Alternative Fuels, Vintage Diesels, and more. If you have a DIY question or want to link up with a community of other Mercedes diesel owners, you’ve come to the right place.

3) Sprinter Source

For the Sprinter Fans. Active forum about the Mercedes Sprinter Van. Photos, in-depth discussion, tech questions, community banter.

4) The Sprinter Guy

Another one about Sprinters. Interesting, one-man blog about Sprinters by a Sprinter dealer named Dave Graham. Includes, news, and tech info, but the main draw is that he buys and sells them all the time and posts ads for Sprinters/whatever he traded for a Sprinter. If you’re interested in checking out some photos of good-looking Sprinters online, or if you’re in the market, check this site out.


Mercedes Benz TV

This is a collection of videos made by Mercedes-Benz about all their series of cars, not just the diesels, so I couldn’t add it to the regular list. Much of the video’s are just trailers for the cars, but overall there’s some very cool footage of diesel and non-diesel cars alike. Check out the section on buses, especially the one where they show off their testing location (buses driving at high speed on banked turns, scared passengers).

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