Mercedes E-Class W211 Broken Springs

Around 150,000 -200,000 miles, W211 chassis Mercedes E-Class models are known for breaking front springs.  Due to wear or corrosion, the bottom coils of the spring break off.  The bottom coil holds the spring in place, so, when the bottom coils break the spring will fall off the strut assembly and the front of the car will no longer be held up by the spring.

A broken front spring is obvious – the corner of the car with the broken spring will be REALLY low.  Driving with a broken spring is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and any car with a broken suspension should be considered NOT DRIVABLE and should be towed to the service location.

You can get replacement W211 Springs from your local dealer or online at IDParts.  IDParts carries springs from SUPLEX – a small company in Germany.  All SUPLEX springs are Made in Germany and feature OE-accurate spring rates and high quality powder-coated finishes, not just paint.

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