Ten New Things About the 2015 Jetta TDI

Ten changes to the 2015 Jetta.

  1. Engine: TDIs get VW’s new EA288 engine, made in Mexico, that offers 10 more HP and same torque (150/236), reduced friction, air-to-water intercooler, and higher fuel economy (as much as 45 MPG).ewq2
  2. Grille Shutters: The TDI now has grille shutters for improved aerodynamics, and engine heat retention=better fuel economy.
  3. Adblue: Adblue is inexpensive, allows better tuning, and improves fuel economy.  The tank should not need to be filled between oil changes.
  4. Fuel tank: Unfortunately Adblue needs to go somewhere, so the new Jetta’s fuel tank is 13.2 gallons instead of 14.5.
  5. Free service: VW has reduced its free service offering so it only covers the first 10K service.
  6. Nose and headlights: New, more angular headlights with LED running lights in premium versions.
  7. Taillights and spoiler: Subtle changes make the rear of the car look cleaner and more up to date.
  8. Instrument cluster: Finally a temperature gauge and a real fuel gauge.  Instruments more closely resemble the Sportwagen and Golf.
  9. Rear suspension: OK, this was new last year, but now all Jetta Sedans have IRS.
  10. Driver’s aids: Blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, a frontal-collision warning system, and park-distance control are available on some models.

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