Using Scangauge on a Passat TDI

If you own a Scangauge II (SGII for short) and a new 2012+ Passat TDI, this guide will show you how to program your gauge to enable display boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature and CAT temperature.

First you need to learn how to program XGAUGE monitors on your Scangauge.

EGT1 will show the exhaust gas temperature before the turbocharger, just as it comes out of the engine.

TXD: 07DF0178
RXF: 054106780000
RXD: 3810
MTH: 00090032FFD8
CAT – this will show you the temperature of the air just before the first catalytic converter.

TXD: 07DF013C
RXF: 0441053C0000
RXD: 2810
MTH: 00090032FFD8

CAC -charge air cooler, aka intake air temperature will show the temperature of the air as it exits the intercooler.  Good for monitoring heat soak.

TXD: 07DF0177
RXF: 04410577
RXD: 3008
MTH: 00010001FFD8
FRP – fuel rail pressure.

TXD: 07DF016D
RXF: 0541066D
RXD: 4810
MTH: 0001000A0000

DPF – diesel particulate filter pressure drop, useful to monitor DPF clogging, as the DPF gets loaded with ash the pressure drop will increase

TXD: 07DF017A
RXF: 0541067A
RXD: 3810
MTH: 0001000A0000

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