What TDI Do I Have – Passat

There are three generations of VW Passat TDI in the United States…

B4 Chassis – Passat TDI



  • 1996-1997 B4 Passat TDI Sedan and Wagon w/ Engine code 1Z

Most B4 Passats have engine code 1Z though some later models were equipped with the nearly identical AHU motor instead.  These were the first TDIs sold in the US. These cars also all have manual transmissions.

B5.5 Chassis – Passat TDI



  • 2004-2005 Passat TDI Sedan and Wagon w/ engine code BHW

The B5 Passat was sold from 1998-2001. The B5.5 was introduced in 2001.5, but didn’t have a diesel in the US until 2004. All B5.5 Passats have a 2.0 liter Pumpe Deuse engine with code BHW. All are automatics.

NMS Chassis – Passat TDI


The 2012+ Passat was build on the VW “NMS” platform which was a stretched version of the earlier  PQ46 platform. This model is only available in North America and China.

The 2012 NMS Passat was introduced with the “Gen 2” version of the 2.0L TDI engine that featured a water-to-air intercooler and the AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) exhaust treatment system.

In 2015 the NMS Passat received the upgraded “Gen 3” engine from the EA288 family, engine code CVCA, shared with the same year Jetta and Beetle TDI.


  • 2012-2014 Passat TDI w/ Engine Code CKRA
  • 2015+ Passat TDI w/ EA288 Engine code CVCA

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