Finding Jack Points on your VW


Today we’ll show you how to locate the Jack Points on your TDI. Whenever you jack up your car you want to use the specified jack points or else you risk damaging your car.

On a Mk. IV TDI, to find the jack point you’re going to get down and look at the rocker panel. We’re looking for small divot. Lined up with that divot is a reinforced section of the body. It has two teeth to it. This is where you want to jack the car. Anywhere else will damage the body.

Here’s the idparts 2010 Sportwagen. The divot on this car is more towards the front. The reinforced pinch well on this car is real easy to spot compared to the normal pinch well back here.

The next car we’re going to look at is this 1997 B4 Passat TDI. Lean down to the rocker panel and look for the divot. Again, there you’ll find your reinforced pinch well. That’s where you want to put your jack.

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