How to Align Pressure Plate & Flywheel on VW 5-Speed Transmission

Get your pressure plate to line up with your flywheel.  Try this quick trick to get things in the right spot!


Hi, I’m Corey from In this quick video, I’m going to show you how to line up your pressure plate with your flywheel. It’s fairly easy, but if you don’t get it right it can be a real time sponge.

First thing to do is to locate the top dead center mark on this flywheel. We’ve located it right here—it’s usually indicated by a line or a circle and a 0 number. Sometimes you’ll have dashes for degrees but on this flywheel we only have a top dead center mark. We need to line the top dead center mark up with the pressure plate by locating these two ears on the pressure plate. These two ears will indicate what side goes toward the top dead center mark. The top dead center mark will line up right between the two ears. We’re going to drop the pressure plate right down on the flywheel.

All done. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for watching.

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