How To: Chevy Cruze Under-Tightened Intake Clamps

The Gen1 Chevy Cruze Diesel has had its fair share of emission sensor failures over the years. Many owners speculate that the sensor failures are related to un-metered air entering the vehicle’s system. The Cruze uses a MAF(Mass Airflow) sensor to obtain a measurement of airflow that is entering the vehicle’s intake system. The MAF sensor allows the vehicle to take this reading and calculate how much fuel will be injected to keep the appropriate fuel to air ratio.

The Chevy Cruze’s MAF sensor is located on the intake hose in between the airbox and turbocharger.


There are five hose clamps used on the intake hose to secure the hose and MAF sensor between the airbox and turbocharger. The hose clamps come loose over time causing the hose to shift and cause gaps in the intake system allowing un-metered air to enter the vehicle. The clamps can be tightened using a flat head screwdriver.


When a clamp is very loose it is possible the hose has shifted from its original seated position. The hose should be positioned correctly before tightening the clamps. The clamps should be checked after 3,000 miles and if they continue to become loose, threadlocker or replacement clamps should be used.

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