Ford F150 Diesel Coming Soon


According to Ford’s website, the new 3.0L Power Stroke will be added to Ford’s F150 lineup this Spring. Rumored to be initially available in the Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum editions, the Power Stroke has some impressive power numbers:

  • 250 HP at 3250 RPM
  • 440 lb./ft. torque at 1750 RPM
  • 2,020 lb. payload, 11,400 lb. towing capacity
  • 30 MPG Highway

These numbers slot the Power Stroke between the 2.7L and 3.5L EcoBoost engines, with comparable towing capacites and significantly better fuel economy. According to EPA numbers (estimated for the Power Stroke), the Power Stroke will achieve over 30% better highway FE than the 3.5L EcoBoost. However, most diesel owners report an even more significant FE improvement with the diesel when towing.


Initially rumored to be the same as the “Lion” 3.0L V6 in Land Rovers, the Power Stroke is built alongside that engine in Dagenham, England, but has significant improvements, according to Ford. The engine has a graphite iron block like the Lion, and shares its 16.1:1 compression ratio. But the fuel system, turbo, and exhaust crossover pipe are engineered for the heavier duty cycles the engine will experience in the F150. This is coupled with a stronger crankshaft and bearing alloy material. Injection pressures are 29,000 PSI instead of the Lion’s 26,100. Peak boost is 20-22 PSI. The engine has a 6.5L oil capacity. It also includes a 5.4 gallon DEF (Adblue) tank that should require refilling every 10,000 miles. Dual cooling fans including an engine driven fan will improve both engine and intercooling when towing. The engine is tied to a 10 speed transmission with automatic stop/start and, along with the final drive, is optimized for the diesels torque delivery profile. And this engine is included in Ford’s five years/60,000 mile powertrain warranty.


The new Power Stroke engine will appear in the facelifted F150 lineup, probably at a $4,000 price premium over the standard 2.7L EcoBoost offered in the Lariat, for example. And of course all the luxury features now available in the F150 are also included in the Power Stroke.

Of course we haven’t driven an F150 Power Stroke yet, but we have had exposure to the Lion engine in the Land Rover. We were impressed by the smooth power delivery in that configuration, and also by the engine’s silence. We’re excited to see how the improved engine performs, especially when tied to the 10 speed automatic in the F150.

The Power Stroke will have two major competitors shortly after it appears. The refreshed Ram will include the return of the EcoDiesel in 2019, and GM will launch a Silverado with an inline 6-cylinder diesel, also in 2019. Ford projects the Power Stroke will account for 5% of F150 sales, which is quite a few trucks when you consider Ford sold 896,000 F-Series pickups in 2017. We look forward to seeing the newest Power Stroke on dealer lots soon!

  1. This has a belt driven camshaft, not chain driven like the EcoDiesel (full disclosure I own a 15′ Ram ED)


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