WeatherTech AlloyCover Review

WeatherTech’s line of Made-in-USA tonneau covers come with WeatherTech’s reputation for great build quality and fit that they built on their lines of floor mats.  Will WeatherTech’s new offering be compelling enough to be chosen over existing options?

It seems that there are hundreds of tonneau manufacturers.  Some of this comes from the myriad of different styles – solid, roll up, locking, hinged etc. etc.  WeatherTech offers two covers, a Roll Up Cover and their AlloyCover.  The roll up cover is a reinforced vinyl design while the AlloyCover is a tri-fold solid cover.

We chose the AlloyCover over the Roll up because we prefer solid, tri-fold covers over soft covers overall.  Solid covers cost more, often by a lot, but they do a much better job of protecting your gear.  This is especially important if you park with valuables in your bed.  A soft cover can easily be cut open, exposing your items to theft.  Imagine working all day on the job site just to come back to your truck and discover hundreds of dollars of tools missing from your bed!

Understanding that solid covers are preferable, they do have their drawbacks.  The aforementioned cost is one thing, another is that they do not fold up all the way, you will always be covering the inside 1/3rd of your truck bed.  Sure, you can remove the cover, but solid covers are also typically very heavy, making removing the cover an unpleasant task that might require more than one person.

WeatherTech’s AlloyCover tries to solve that last problem.  Unlike most covers that are fiberglass with an aluminum skin, the AlloyCover’s structure is pure aluminum and weighs just about 50 pounds.  WeatherTech used a thick gauge of aluminum, too, to ensure the cover stays straight and does not bend or dent during normal use.  WeatherTech claims the AlloyCover can handle up to 400 pounds!  (we won’t be testing that claim)

Installation was straightforward, but the installation instructions were remarkably confusing.  We suggest throwing those out and laying everything out to determine the best course of installation.  The cover latches to the bed using side rails that must be clamped on to the bed rails.  It is a similar setup to most tri-fold or roll-up covers. IMG_3875

When closed, you’ll notice how sleek the cover looks.  It sticks out very little over the bed rails, and at a distance it is impossible to tell that there is anything on the truck.  There is a gasket molded onto the outside edge to seal the cover to the bed rails, but, it is only a simple single layer gasket versus multiple layers we’ve seen on other covers.  We’ll have to see how well the cover keeps the elements out.

The cover unlocks using a simple pull-string latch.  There is no external locking or unlocking functionality, so you’ll need to open your bed to open the cover.  Pulling on the string is easy and the latch opens up with little effort.


The cover tri-folds up towards the cab and out of the way.  To help the cover sit even and to prevent damaging the outside of the cover, the underside of the cover has two padded feet.


When fully folded the cover must be secured to itself using the two bungee-cord straps.  These straps have a “T” shaped plastic anchor on them that slides into a special cut-out at the top of the bed.


If you want to remove the cover completely there is another pull release for the middle lock, just like the one at the end of the cover.  Pull the release, lift the front of the cover and pull the whole unit up and out.


  1. […] We’ve also completed our first modification – adding a WeatherTech Alloy Cover Tonneau.  We chose this cover primarily due to its lighter weight compared to other solid folding covers.  Installation was straightforward – align the rails and secure the brackets. The cover locks in place when lowered and unlocking involves simply pulling on the string on the underside.  You can drive around with the cover folded up as well as it has securing straps at the front. Removing the cover is remarkably easy – fold it up, pull the release and pull it out. It is light enough to be handled by one person.   Read more about it on our WeatherTech AlloyCover Tonneau Cover Review here. […]


  2. How watertight is the cover? Is the lock good quality or cheap?


    1. The gasket on the cover is pretty nice and seals tightly around most of the bed. The only area where the seal does not fully make contact is just before the tailgate – the tailgate on my truck is a few MM higher than the bed, so it lifts the cover slightly.


  3. The Weather Tech Alloy trifold Cover I installed on my 2018 Colorado started leaking 3 months after installation. And, leaking enough where I could not store things in the bed without them becoming wet. Their customer support’s response to my inquiry on this was simply “understand, no tri fold cover is water tight”. They did send me replacement weather strip, but when delivered if was so folded an creased, I figured that would Only leak more. Now 2 years in the black Exterior finish oF the alloy cover has severe fade spots. Keep in mind this is but a rebranded Lomax cover. I just bought the Extang 2.0, we use then at work and they don’t leak like the WeatherTech cover did.


  4. I have this cover on my F150 Supercrew. I could not be happier. I drove it thru a driving wind and rainstorm from Chicago to Minneapolis. Not a single drop of water was in the bed when I arrived.
    Truly a great investment. Looks good too !


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