Best 2015+ Colorado/Canyon Leveling Kit

From the factory, the 4WD Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon had a pretty noticable front-rear rake, which can make the truck look like it is nosediving. Luckily this is easy to fix.

Shocks vs Spacers

There are two methods to increase front ride height: adding a metal spacer or upgrading the front strut with an adjustable unit.

Adding a spacer is the most cost effective, as most leveling kits can be had for under $100. Installation is also easier than replacing shocks. However, ride quality can be negatively and the ride height cannot be changed without purchasing an additional lift kit.

Upgrading the front struts to an adjustable style provides two advantages over a spacer kit: ride quality and adjustability. The factory shocks were pretty capable as long as you didn’t ask too much, especially off-road. Plus, if you want to go higher (or lower) after the initial install an adjustable shock will let you do that.

Chosing a Spacer Kit

Most spacer kits are compariable in their function. They sit between the body of your Ram and the top of the strut mount. Build quality is largely connected with price, and price can range between $50 and $200+ dollars. High end kits will use machined aluminum spacers that are not vulnerable to rust. Ensure any hardware (bolts & nuts) are galvanized or they will corrode and fail quickly. While there are many high quality brands out there, our pick for the Colorado/Canyon remains the ReadyLIFT kits.

ReadyLIFT aluminum spacer leveling kit….

Chosing a Leveling Shock

Unfortunately the leveling shock options for the Colorado/Canyon are much fewer than what is available for full size trucks. One widely available option is the Eibach PRO-TRUCK Adjustable Front Shock, which allows for up to a 2″ lift with stock springs.

Ride height is adjusted by moving the lower spring seat on the shock into different grooves. Each groove corresponds with a different ride height.

Colorado/Canyon Eibach Shock Height Adjustment

The ride height can be adjusted repeatedly, but it does require removing and disassembling the strut assembly first.

Most drivers find ride quality to be firmer to stock but also more controlled, especially when off-roading where these shocks excel. These can optionally be paired with matching rear shocks, or, a full front-rear spring & shock kit by Eibach that can raise the front up to 3″.

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