Prime TDI Fuel Filter with VCDS

Instructions on how to prime your fuel filter after a change using Ross-tech’s VCDS diagnostic tool and program.

It is vital to prime your fuel filter to remove all air and prevent air from getting to sensitive fuel injection components.  To properly prime your filter you will need to use a VCDS (formerly known as a VAG-COM).

Open up VCDS and follow these instructions:

[01 – Engine
[Basic Settings – 04]
Set Group to “035″

The electric fuel pump should then run for 30 seconds.

  • If the vehicle had a simple repair–such as a fuel filter change–that should be a sufficient amount of time for the filter to fill up.
  • If the engine had extensive repairs such as injector replacement and/or fuel system flushing this process should be repeated no less than 3 times. Click [On/Off/Next] to reinitialize the process if needed.

Always exit and quite VCDS before shutting down the vehicle.

Thanks to Ross-Tech for this information!

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