Enable “Hot Climate” Mode on Your Climatronic Mk5+ TDI

Depending on where your car was sold, it may or may not have the “Hot Climate” setting enabled in the Climatronic Unit.  You can enable this yourself via VCDS.


  1. Open VCDS
  2. Go To Select Modules
  3. Under the “Installed Modules” window – select number 08 – Auto HVAC
  4. After the control loads – select Coding – 07
  5. Click the button for “Long Coding Helper”
  6. Press Tab or arrow down key until you see “Byte 12” selected
  7. Under the drop-down for “Bit 4-7” select “10 Temperature Adjustment: Cold (Hot Countires)”
  8. In the top-left corner of the window – select the “Exit” menu item
  9. Press the “Do It” button to save the new setting
  10. If all goes well – you should see a popup “Coding Accepted”


  1. Heykel Hernandez September 4, 2017 at 9:56 am

    What does this setting provide?


    1. It seems that it runs the air conditioning compressor on a different setting, resulting in colder air coming out of the air conditioning vents.


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