A5 Jetta Winter Front Installation

We show you how to put the idparts Winter Front on your A5 Jetta TDI. The winter front fits 2005-2010 Jetta sedans, plus the 2009 Sportwagen. Installation only takes a minute & the winter front will help your engine warm up and limit intercooler icing, a common problem with TDIs in the winter months.


There are three pieces to the A5 winter front.  Two pieces cover the upper grill and the one larger piece covers the lower grill.

The idea of a winter front is to block cold air from entering the engine in the winter months. If you drive a TDI you know that they take forever to warm up, and if you’re driving at low speeds or in a lot of traffic it may take a long time to get the heat to work. So by putting the winter front on you’re going to help your engine get warmer faster.

First, take the self-adhesive velcro and attach it to the flat section above the grill.  After securing the velcro as shown in the video, push the black soft “pillows” of the upper covers underneath the lowest-most grill slat.  Center the cover so that it fits correctly.   Once the pillows are in place, attach the velcro at the top of the grill to the strips you attached earlier.

For the bottom line up the cover with the grill with the three tabs or arms pointing upwards.  Push the arms through the top row of the lower grill.  Use your fingers to pull the tabs downwards and then back out through the lowest row.  Pull the tabs back through the front of the grill and pull up and attach the arms to the back of the front of the lower cover.

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