5 DIY Repair Videos for Newer TDIs

So far, how-to and repair videos for the common rail TDIs (2009-2014) are few and far between. We recently did a brake change on our 2010 Sportwagen and decided to post links other good how-to and repair videos as well.

How-To: Change Sportwagen/Jetta/Golf Rear Brakes

DSG Service How-To

For cars with an automatic direct shift gearbox, this video shows you how to do this regular maintenance item.

Pt. I

Pt. II

 Rear Struts and Springs Replacement

Done on a 2012 Sportwagen. No frills, professional, written steps at the bottom of the screen.

Timing Belt Change on a CBEA/CJAA Engine

Video done with the engine out of the car, so you can really see where everything is on the vehicle. Thorough.

Oil Change

Another one of ours, but it’s a good one, if I do say so myself. Done on the same 2010 Sportwagen.

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