B4 Passat TDI Problems & Common Issues

Below is a list of parts that routinely fail on the 1996/1997 B4 Passat TDI, and where to find replacements. It should be mentioned that any  B4 nowadays has probably had many wear items replaced aside from the normal maintenance items: hoses, lines, suspension components, engine mounts…and anything else that has happened to go the way of the dinosaur in the nearly 20 years since this car’s inception.

  • Window Regulators: (we got em’)
  • Door Handles: No longer available. Junkyard or quick fix (search on TDIclub–there’s a way to fix them with tools).
  • AC Condensor: (in stock)
  • Oil Cooler Seal (gasket): (in stock)
  • Instrument Clusters: Junkyard, craigslist, or TDIclub.
  • Voltage Regulator for Alternator: Parts car!
  • N75 (Wastegate Solenoid Valve): (in stock)

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