Volkwagen Lift Kits

VW models have a very low ride height from the factory.  Lifting them 1-2 inches can prevent a lot of road debris damage.  We outline lift spring options below.


  • Stronger springs on OE suspensions can have varying results.  We recommend upgraded shocks and struts for any lift spring setup.
  • Always get the car aligned after putting in new springs or suspension.

Below is a list of spring substitutions you can use to raise your TDI. Usually these substitutions will raise your car about an inch unless otherwise specified.

Mk. IV

New Beetle

Mk. IV Jetta Sedan Springs (front and rear)

Jetta Sedan

Wagon VR6 Front Springs

Jetta Sedan Towing Rear Springs

Jetta Wagon

Wagon VR6 Front Springs (add 10mm spacers for front springs)

Wagon Towing Springs 


Wagon VR6 Front Springs

Jetta Wagon Rear Springs


Mk. V

Jetta Sedan

Tiguan Front Springs & OE Sportwagen Rear Springs


Sportwagen Lift Springs Set

1.5″ front lift, 2″+ rear lift.


Mk. VI


Complete Spring Set (Tiguan) 

We recommend the Tiguan FWD springs for the Golf VI as it gives a ride height increase without causing the rear shocks to top out.


While the Tiguan set above will fit, we haven’t yet had enough miles on our Jetta Sedan installation to make a recommendation.

  1. Golf MkIV, VR6+10mm spacers front; Golf Towing springs rear. Coupled with Koni
    Special Reds, rear shocks dialed up 25%. For towing I install Wagon Towing springs
    Guessing here ~1.5″ lift, improves handling IMO, car is level.
    Wagon Towing springs lift the rear an additional inch, excellent for additional load.


  2. How about mk7 and NMS? Those are my two new cars.


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