Chevy Cruze Diesel Approved Oil List

Chevy Cruze Diesels, like all other modern diesel cars, require specific engine oil to continue to function properly. Specifically, they need a low SAPS oil, or an oil that is low in sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur. For cars with a diesel particulate filter, oils with high amounts of additives can block the DPF.

Chevrolet requires oil that fits GM’s dexos2 specification for light-duty diesel vehicles. The owner’s manual says that “SAE 5W-30 is the best viscosity grade for the vehicle”, but that you can use a 0W-30 for cold starting conditions, though we don’t know of a 0w30 Dexos2 that is readily available. Below is a list of oils we carry that fit both requirements.

 Approved Oils for the Chevy Cruze Diesel

Liqui Moly Top Tec 4605 5W-30 5 Liter (505.01 LL-04 229.51 dexos2)

Total Quartz Ineo MC3 5w30 5 Quart (505.01 LL-04 229.51 dexos2)

Liqui Moly Longtime High Tech 5w30 5 Liter (505.01 LL-04)

Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel 5w40 1L (505.01 LL-04 229.51 dexos2)

Castrol EDGE Professional OE 5w30 (505.01 LL-04 229.51)

Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5w30 1 Quart (229.51 MS-11106)

Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 1 Liter (507.00 MS-11106)

Source: Full list of Dexos 2 Compatible Oils

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