Chevy Cruze Diesel Oil Change How-to

A tutorial on changing the oil in your 2014-2015 Chevy Cruze diesel.



Items you will need:

1. 5 Liters of Dexos 2 approved oil. We provide several options in our oil change kit. Dexos 2 is General Motor’s oil specification. More info here.

2. Oil Filter, Man. # 19301505. Also included in our oil change kit.

3. 13mm socket and socket wrench.

4. 32mm socket or oil filter wrench.

5. Some paper towels and gloves.

6 Ramps for car.



  • Roll the car onto ramps.
  • Get under the car at the oil pan. Towards the rear of the pan, you’ll see the drain plug. It requires a 13mm socket.
  • Place an oil drain pan under the oil pan, unscrew the oil drain plug with the 13mm socket, and let the oil drain into the pan.



  • Once the oil has finished draining, screw the drain plug back on and snug tightly. 
  • Now, grab your 32mm socket/oil filter wrench. The oil filter is located on the upper left side of the engine bay, right under the alternator.



  • Unscrew the oil filter cap with the 32mm socket. Be careful–some oil will spill out as it unscrews.
  • Remove the cap and gently snap off the old filter.
  • Replace the o-ring on the inside of the filter cap with the new one from your filter box. It helps to use a small screwdriver or pick to pry it out.
  • Snap your new filter in and then screw on the cap until it’s snug.
  • Add four quarts of your selected oil. Take the car off the ramps and check where the oil level is on the dipstick. You’ll probably need to add a little more to get it up to the correct level. Total oil capacity is 4.75 quarts.
  • Go back in your car and reset the oil monitor on your dash.


You’re done!

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