DIESELGATE – 2015 Modifications and Warranty

We now know more about the emissions modification process for model-year 2015 TDIs. Plus, fixed 2015 TDIs are getting an extended emissions warranty.  The paperwork regarding the modification & extended warranty is pretty confusing, so we will do our best to brake it down for you.  Click read more for full details…

What does the modifications consist of?

The 2015 TDI emissions modification will be done in two phases.

Phase 1 is a software only change, which will mainly increase the duty cycle of emissions components.

Phase 2 is both a software and hardware change.  The computer software will be further updated to more utilize the emissions components. Meanwhile, the entire exhaust treatment system will be replaced with updated, and presumably more durable units.  The pieces being replaced include the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), the and the two catalysts (DOC & SCR).

How will this effect the car?

All paperwork regarding the 2015 TDIs repeatedly, clearly state that drive ability, power (as measured by 0-60 time) and efficiency will not be effected.  In fact, the modification paperwork claims “improved vehicle drivability” after these modifications are completed.

Surprisingly enough, these claims seem to be accurate.  As of this writing, we have two 2015 TDIs that have the emission modification.  Both seem to have better power and responsiveness than before and both are meeting or exceeding their average miles per gallon.  Multiple reviews from TDIClub members also report similar results.

What is the Extended Warranty Period?

The minimum emissions warranty on these components is 162,000 miles, or 11 years.  Regardless of your mileage or vehicle age at the time of the repair, that is the minimum warranty for your vehicle.

After the fix is performed, the emissions warranty on the new components WILL BE EXTENDED as follows.

  • 5 years/60,000 miles from the date of the Phase 1 modification.
  • Extended to an additional 5 years/60,000 miles from the date the Phase 2 modification.

Here are some examples that apply this policy.

If your vehicle has is 2 years old and 30,000 miles, your warranty remains 162,000 miles/11 years.

If your vehicle has 150,000 miles on it, however, you’ll get the 60,000 mile extension regardless, meaning your warranty will extend to 210,000 miles.

What this means is exactly what you would expect – it makes sense to wait as long as possible to get your vehicle emissions system modified.  

The net effect may actually be negligible, however.  The deadline for these modifications is 2019, so it isn’t actually possible to take advantage of the increase timeline and you’d need to drive 50,000 miles per year to make the mileage extension work.

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