Our New 2015 Mk7 Golf Sportwagen

We took advantage of the great offers on unsold 2015 TDIs and picked up a 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI.  White, 6-speed manual, S trim level.  We’ll be posting our review and thoughts as we put the miles on the car.  For now, we’ll say this: everything we loved about the Mk7 when we tested them a few years ago is still true – the chassis is incredibly tight, the new 2.0L TDI is smooth and responsive and the MPGs are VERY impressive!





  1. Has this undergone the 1st stage Deiselgate fix? If so, what do you advise owners trying to decide whether to sell or have fix done with regard to mileage, performance (power)? I’ve read that sometimes the fix has led to new problems (such as EGR valve failure).


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