Scangauge II and Chevy Cruze Diesel


We picked up a Scangauge II to use with our Chevy Cruze to monitor a few different things while driving. I have found the unit to be great for monitoring when the car will begin to perform a DPF regen. 

I am currently monitoring the following:
MAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure reading. The MAP will dip below 14 before a regen will start.
RGN: Regen Status: Allows me to know when the car is performing a regen and when it is finished.
STM: DPF Soot Mass: Indicates how full the DPF is and gives an idea when a regen will occur.
DSR: Distance Since Last Regen: Measures how far I have traveled since the previous regen.
The Scangauge also allows you to monitor a variety of other items including EGTs, DEF level, intake air temp, transmission fluid temp, and main injection timing. It is a great option for Cruze owners to monitor a variety of settings and know when the car is in a regen.


  1. Will it also work for a 328D I am looking for something


    1. Yes, the scangauge works on that vehicle. It just needs an OBDII port to plug in to, which the 328d has.


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