Determining Liberty CRD Head Gasket Size

Choosing the right thickness head gasket is vital to ensuring your engine runs properly and without expensive damage!

When speaking of ‘head gasket size’ what is being referred to is the thickness. Why are there different size head gaskets? When installing a new head gasket the right one must be chosen. If too thick a gasket is installed the compression could be below specification resulting in poor power and fuel economy. If too thin a head gasket is installed there could be internal damage to pistons and valves that run into each other while the engine is running.

There are three CRD head gasket sizes.

  • No Holes – 1.32mm Thickness
  • 1 Hole – 1.42 mm Thickness
  • 2 Holes – 1.52 mm Thickness

Each thickness corresponds with a measurement of the piston as compared to the block. See the chart below to match your engine with the right gasket.

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