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A/C Repair: The Big Picture

We all know when our A/C stops working: no cold air. Pretty simple. And usually it’s easy to identify the one item in the system that’s causing a problem, like the compressor, a leak in a line, a failed belt, or a leaking condenser. However, there may be other items that cause your A/C to ...

Sprinter OM651 Coolant Contamination

Sprinter 4-Cylinder OM651 Losing Coolant, Limp Home Mode – READ THIS!

We have seen an increasing number of 4-cylinder powered Sprinters (OM651 engine) experiencing coolant loss, “limp-home mode”, and eventual widespread engine issues ranging from temperature control problems to power loss. We’ll go over what is happening, causes and repair procedures in this article.


ALH Smoke on Acceleration – Common Causes

While it might look cool, smoke is actually just unburned fuel. Smoke means you aren’t taking advantage of all the power and efficiency of your TDI. If your TDI smokes under medium or heavy acceleration, and/or feels underpowered at low RPMs, here is a list of things to check.—

Jeep Liberty CRD Timing Belt Tools

Replacing the timing belt on your Liberty CRD requires a special set of tools.  These are the tools you need to properly remove and replace the timing belt and properly time your liberty crd engine.


Ceramic Brake Pads – What You Need To Know

Manufacturers are increasingly switching to brake pads using so-called “ceramic” or “ceramic technology”.  This latest evolution in pad design offers many benefits, but also can have some downsides. Here is what you need to know about ceramic brake pads.

What do Brake Pad Friction Ratings Mean?

All brake pads sold in the United States are supposed to have a DOT rating for friction stamped or printed on the pad. If you understand these ratings you can be sure you are choosing a pad that meets your standards for performance.

Jetta TDI AdBlue Range Warning

Refill AdBlue on 2015 Jetta TDI

Does your 2015 Jetta TDI show “AdBlue Range 1500 Miles” on the instrument cluster?  If so, it is time to refill the AdBlue/DEF tank!  Refilling your Jetta with AdBlue is easy and inexpensive. What is AdBlue?  Read more in our AdBlue/DEF 101 Article. Want to check your AdBlue Level? Read our Guide to Checking AdBlue/DEF ...

AdBlue/DEF 101 – FAQ & What You Need To KnoW

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is commonly referred to as “DEF” for short or by its trade name, AdBlue.  In this article we’ll review what DEF is and what you need to know about it.

An Update From Europe Vol.2 IDParts Brings Germany to You

IDParts is constantly working to import new diesel replacement and maintenance parts to the US market. Many manufacturers in Europe do not realize there are any diesels in the USA at all.  That is why we make the trek to Germany every few years to meet with manufacturers and convince them to release their product ...