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DEF Supply Line Image

Is the DEF Additive Supply Line Mercedes BlueTEC covered under the extended warranty?

The Mercedes BlueTec Settlement gave cars and extended warranty on most of the emissions and fueling system, including the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or additive system…

Determining Liberty CRD Head Gasket Size

Choosing the right thickness head gasket is vital to ensuring your engine runs properly and without expensive damage!

2015 TDI Water Pump Comp

All About Switchable Water Pumps

If you need a water pump for your newer diesel you’ll need to decide what type of water pump to buy – swtichable or non-switchable. We’ll review the pros and cons of both water pump options.

Sprinter Van 2019+ Front Brake Change

Changing your van’s brakes can be a huge money saver. Check out the job to see if this may be a good DIY project.

Choosing the Right 6-Speed Clutch – LUK, SACHS, Febi and Valeo

Shopping for a new clutch for your 6-speed VW TDI can be confusing. Single-mass, dual mass, auto-adjusting, matching flywheels, it is all sort of a mess. Let’s make some sense of it…

Sprinter V6 Diesel DISCONTINUED & Other 2023 Changes…

2023 wasn’t expected to be a big year, but Mercedes went ahead and dropped some ENORMOUS CHANGES…  


BMW 335d: Suspension Refresh and Upgrade

BMW markets its cars as the Ultimate Driving Machines, and the 3 series is the model that has probably made the largest contribution to that claim. Most reviewers agree that the e90 is the last best of the 3-series drivers’ cars, and more than a few refer to the 335d as the “diesel M3.” The ...

Sprinter RV Adventure Van Black with Ladder

Best Sprinter Van Leveling Kit

Sprinter Vans work hard and nothing’s worse than rear-end sag… We love Sprinters because of their ability to hold MASSIVE amount of stuff while being a joy to drive daily with great ride quality and a unbelievable turning radius. However, even before reaching the maximum payload capacity you may find your Sprinter exhibiting a bit ...

Cruze Diesel Turbo Failure Image

PSA: Cruze Diesel Oil Pickup Seal Failure

Around 150k miles the 1st generation Chevrolet Cruze diesel can experience sudden turbocharger or engine failure due to this under $20 part.

Land Rover & Range Rover Diesel Oil Specifications

Your Land Rover or Range Rover diesel engine requires the proper oil to protect the advanced diesel injection, turbocharging and emissions systems. In this article we’ll review the specification and available oils.