VW Headlight Bulb Change

In this video, Corey from IDParts replaces headlight bulbs on a VW Sportwagen.  The 2010-2014 Golf is identical.

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Flosser H7 Ultra Bulbs


Today we’re going to swap headlight bulbs on this 2010 Jetta Sportwagen. This procedure will apply to any Sportwagen as well as the Mk. VI Golf in all its different forms.

In this car the High Beam is an H7 and the high beam is an H15, and it’s actually fairly easy to swap. We’re going to be replacing the stock bulbs with a high-performance bulb from Flosser. It’s the same type of bulb but it’s supposed to put out more light.

First thing we do is obviously open the hood. On the back of the headlight housing there’s going to be a round rubber cover. It actually slides right off (there’s no clips or anything). It looks like this. Then, if you reach behind, inside the housing you’ll find a flat tab. It will be at a slight angle. You want to rotate that tab clockwise and it will click. When it clicks it will become loose and you slide it out. Pay attention which way it came, because there’s a metal tab point upwards. To take the bulb out of the housing just wiggle the base upwards.

Line up the metal tab with this plastic section here. Push down using the base only. Pay attention to have the metal tab upright. Place it back where it came from and rotate counterclockwise until it clicks back in place. Take the cover and put it back on. It’s a press fit. It’s the same procedure for the main beam and the high beam, and it’s the same on both sides.

That’s it for this video. If you have any other questions send us an email at sales.idparts.com and check out the idparts post at post.idparts.com—we’ve got how tos and blog articles there. Thanks for watching.

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