Bosch vs. ETecno Glow Plugs – Liberty CRD

Corey explains and compares different glow plug options for a Jeep Liberty CRD.

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In this video I’m going to explain and compare the different glow plug options for the Jeep Liberty CRD. The original factory plugs for the Jeep Liberty CRD were all ceramic plugs made by Bosch. These new ceramic plugs were made to solve many of the issues that come with diesel engines in cold weather. They got much, much hotter and heated up much faster than normal glow plugs. A few months in, though, these plugs started breaking inside the motor. It happened across both Jeep and VW alike, and it was a problem with the ceramic design. The ceramic tips would break into the engine and cause all sorts of internal damage. Because of that, Jeep and VW recalled them. Today, they’re no longer available for purchase, so if you want replacements you have to try a different option. The replacement ones Jeep introduced were an updated steel glow plug. The updated kit included four new-style steel plugs and an upgraded relay. Unlike the ceramic plugs that ran on 7V, the steel plugs ran on 5V, which meant the engine computer needed to be reprogrammed to support the new voltage.

Today, there are two options. One is the 5V steel conversion, which requires four new plugs, the relay, and the ECU reflash. Second, though, are these new ETECNO glow plugs. They’re 7 volts, just like the ceramic plugs, but they’re dual filament steel plug. These can be used on the factory program. What this means is that unlike the 5V plug, the 7V plugs don’t require an ECU reprogram. They don’t require a new relay either. All you have to do is put them in and they’ll work.

In our testing, neither the 5V nor the 7V glowplugs were as good as the original glow plugs in the cold. Otherwise, in terms of performance, these two were comparable. We say go with whichever glowplugs your CRD already has. You can find out which plug your CRD uses by taking one out and looking at the plug shoulder. This plug, made from Bosch, is rated for 5V. You can see that here. This plug, made by ETECNO, is stamped ETECNO with a part #, and you can see the 7V right there.

Basically, if you still have the stock 7V programming, choose the ETECNO plugs. They’re easy to install, and will get you back on the road. If you already have the 5V, we wouldn’t recommend switching back.

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