Colorado & Canyon Duramax Diesel Maintenance Schedule

Here is the maintenance schedule for the 2016+ Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon diesel with the 2.8L Duramax “LWM” engine.

Need to know information:

  • Oil Change Every 7,500 Miles (Oil Change How-To)(Oil Change Kit at IDParts)
  • Air Filter Change Every 45,000 miles (Air Filter Change How-To)(Air Filters at IDParts)- editors note: on our test car the air filter was quite clogged up at 45,000 miles.  We recommend shortening that to every 3rd oil change or every 22,500 miles
  • Timing Belt Change every 150,000 Miles editors note: some trucks were programmed to show that the timing belt was due at 120,000 miles.  This was incorrect and should have been fixed under a TSB recall.
  • Fuel Filter Change Information (Fuel Filter Change How-To)(Fuel Filters at IDParts) – the fuel filter should be changed according to the indicator in the instrument cluster display.  Rather than mileage the fuel filter life is calculated based on fuel usage, so, for instance if you tow often you will have to replace the fuel filter more often than.  The fuel filter life is available under the “information” menu in the instrument cluster

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