Chevy Colorado 2.8L Oil Change How-to

Here is a how-to on replacing the oil filter on 2016+ Chevy Colorado diesels.

Tools/Parts Necessary:

15 mm Socket/Wrench

Chevrolet Colorado Diesel Oil Change Kit

27mm Filter Wrench (Ram EcoDiesel)(Colorado Diesel)(N57)

Oil Drain Pan

Paper Towels and nitrile gloves


1) On the left of the engine cover (see picture), find the oil filter cap.

2) Unscrew it with the 27mm oil filter wrench.

3) Remove the old oil filter and oil cap seal.

4) Jack up the car. Note: if you have an oil extractor, you do not need to perform the following steps. Simply drain the oil through the dipstick tube via the extractor.

5) Place a drain pan under the oil pan that can hold 6 liters of oil.

6) Remove the oil drain plug and let the oil drain.

7) Reinstall the oil drain plug and tighten to 18 ft/lbs.

8) Lower the vehicle.

9) Install a new oil filter and oil cap seal. Tighten oil cap to 18 ft/lbs.

10) Refill with fresh oil.

11) Check oil level and top off.

12) Reset the engine oil light using the procedure described in the owners manual.

You’re done!


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