Chevy Colorado Diesel Fuel Filter Change

This is a how-to on replacing the fuel filters on a 2016 Chevy Colorado diesel with the 2.8L Duramax engine. This should be done every 22,500 miles (or when your vehicle indicates it’s time on the fuel filter counter).

Tools Needed

Nitrile Gloves

27mm Filter Wrench (Ram EcoDiesel)(Colorado Diesel)(N57)

Fuel Filter Set (Colorado Diesel)


  1. Locate the fuel filters under the car (see picture).
  2. Drain the water from the fuel filters by twisting the yellow valve off so it hangs down.
  3. Use the 27mm wrench to remove both of the filters. Discard.
  4. Replace both fuel filters and retighten.
  5. Getting back in the car, prime the fuel filter by twisting the key to the notch before the engine would start. You should hear the fuel pump working. This procedure will put fuel in the fuel lines and make sure your engine isn’t harmed. Once this has been done, you can start the vehicle.
  6. Reset the fuel filter counter by scrolling through options on the dash until you reach the fuel filter screen. Select the “reset” option.

You’re done!


  1. Should list the GMC CANYON with Duramax engine TOO!


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