Mk7/EA288 TDI Timing Belt Tools

The new EA288 series engine used in the new Mk7 and other 2015 TDI models use some unique tools for the timing belt job.  Here is a list of what you will need.

Mk7/EA288 Timing Belt Tool Kit at

Crankshaft Lock – VW Tool # T10490

This crank lock is unique compared to the other crankshaft locks for TDIs as it completely surrounds the crank gear.  This tool is also used on the newest generation TFSI engines, so if you do gasoline VW work you might already have this.  You can also use the Purple Version of the Metalnerd Crank lock.

HPFP Counter Hold Tool – VW Tool # T10051

You need to loosen the bolt and retime the HPFP sprocket during the timing belt job, and you’ll need this tool to counter-hold it.  It is actually the same tool as is used to counter-hold the camshaft sprocket on PD engines.  T10051 Tool at

Camshaft Counter Hold Tool – VW Tool # T10172

This counter hold tool is fairly generic, and many aftermarket versions will work fine.  You insert the pins of this tool into the holes on the camshaft sprocket so you can loosen & later re-torque the camshaft hub bolt.  (Camshaft Sprocket Counterhold Tool at

HPFP Locking Pin – VW Tool # T10492

This is a unique pin in that the head of the pin has a cut away for the HPFP sprocket.  The lock for the HPFP is actually behind the sprocket, so this pin sits right next to the sprocket but locks behind it. (note that most sellers sell these in pairs, but you only need one for the EA288)

Camshaft Locking Pin – VW Tool # T3359

This is the ubiquitous metal pin with a plastic ball at the end, used in most VW applications including the ALH injection pump, PD & Common-Rail camshafts.

What if I already have the previous generation TDI timing tools?

Assuming you have BOTH the ALH and PD tools you’ll need to get the T10490 crank lock, the T10492 HPFP pin lock and you might also need to get the T10051 HPFP counter hold tool if you didn’t buy it previously as the PD hub counter-hold tool.

  1. I have a 2015 VW Jetta TDI SEL & I need to replace my timing belt & water pump, is there anywhere I can find a how to video? I just purchased the timing belt tool set from you guys. Anything helps!


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