An Update From Europe Vol.2 IDParts Brings Germany to You

IDParts is constantly working to import new diesel replacement and maintenance parts to the US market. Many manufacturers in Europe do not realize there are any diesels in the USA at all.  That is why we make the trek to Germany every few years to meet with manufacturers and convince them to release their product into the US market.

“Really, there are diesels in the US?”

If we had a nickel for every time we heard that! We travel to Europe every year to meet with the Tier 1 manufacturers that have ignored the US market. These companies make OEM parts for VW, BMW, Mercedes and more and we’re thrilled that we are able to import and make them available stateside. Here are some highlighted partners that we are working with or plan to introduce soon!



Many Diesel engines, including most TDIs, use a water pump driven off the timing belt system. Because of this design water pump failure might not only cause overheating but a failure of the timing system, causing widespread internal damage. That’s why we offer GEBA pumps. GEBA is a smaller, family owned business, that does all their manufacturing in their one facility in Germany. We think their quality and reliability is superior to even the other European brands, and therefore we offer GEBA water pumps whenever possible.


There is no brand more synonymous with engine internals than Kolbenschmidt. From engine bearings to pistons and complete cylinder heads, Kolbenschmidt is the leader in OE replacement components. We stock a full line Kolbenschmidt products, including hard to find parts that no one else is importing, like oversized bearings and oversized piston rings.


When we met with other suppliers and friends in Germany, one name kept popping up: Rowe. Rowe is a fairly new company as German oil manufacturers go, but has taken the premium oil market by storm in Germany. While other companies have made trade offs to gain market share, Rowe is content with staying small and focusing on quality. We had the chance to meet with the owner and president of Rowe on this trip, and, we’re very proud to be offering Rowe oils wherever possible.

Made In Italy


FIRAD is the leading injector nozzle manufacturer in Italy and the only manufacturer that performs DLC (diamond-like-coating) treatments in house! We’re quickly adding more and more models to our inventory. See our full lineup of FIRAD nozzles here.

Made in Europe


If you don’t know BERU, then you don’t understand how your diesel starts. BERU has been a leading OE supplier to all the European brands for decades. In fact they are the exclusive manufacturer of the 2.0L TDI plug that has the integrated pressure sensor and the OE manufacturer for BMW glow plug control units. They also make the ONLY 4.4V plug that works in the Grand Cherokee CRD.(seriously, BOSCH versions NEVER work in the CRDs, even though they say they do…)


There are literally thousands of silicone hose manufacturers throughout the word. There is only one SAMCO. They are, far and away, the absolute highest quality silicone manufacturer in the world. Every hose is hand made in the UK in their own facility – no outsourcing, ever. We’ve been working with SAMCO for years now with our SAMCO Hose kit for Liberty CRD. We’re excited to be adding to our SAMCO collection soon!

  1. I like your updates keep up the good work, Hope you can help me with parts in the future for my Continental built Jeep Grand Cherokee.( Diesel ).
    Regards Don.


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