Jeep Liberty CRD Timing Belt Tools

Replacing the timing belt on your Liberty CRD requires a special set of tools.  These are the tools you need to properly remove and replace the timing belt and properly time your liberty crd engine.

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It is important to note that, unlike most motors, the Liberty CRD timing belt should be replaced at 90 degrees PAST TDC.  All the locking pin locations are designed for this position. 

1 Crank & 2 Camshaft Locking Pins Are Required

1) Camshaft Locking Pins – there are two camshafts in the liberty crd (dual overhead cam engine) and each has a special locking pin.  The pins secure into a slot drilled into the camshaft.

2) Crankshaft Locking Pin – as mentioned above, this pin locates the crankshaft at 90 degrees past TDC.  Just like the cam pins, you must not put any torque on the crankshaft while this pin is in place!

Camshaft Counter Hold Tool

2) Camshaft Sprocket Counter-Hold Tool/Beaker Bar – you will need to remove the camshaft spirochete during the timing belt job, so you will need to remove the camshaft sprocket securing bolt.  In order to remove the bolt you’ll need to counter-Hold the sprocket – if you try to remove the bolt with just the camshaft lock pin in place it will break the pin, ruin your camshaft and ruin your day!

Dual Cam Lock Properly Installed

3) Dual Cam Lock – this part isn’t strictly necessary if you are using the counter-hold bar, but it is good practice to use this dual cam lock plate to be sure the sprockets don’t rotate on you while you re-torque the camshaft sprocket bolts.

Spanner Wrench

4) Timing Belt Tensioner Spanner Wrench –  the timing belt tensioner is a pulley that is on a spring loaded eccentric.  In order to set the tension you’ll need a spanned wrench with the proper pin spacing.

Complete Kit – IDParts has put together a complete kit with all these items.

Liberty CRD Timing Belt Tool Kit

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